Recognized adult education

  • CVO Strombeek Grimbergen offers adult education and is recognized by the Flemish Community.
  • Our staff are all competent and certified teachers.
  • The certificates obtained at CVO Strombeek Grimbergen are legal.

Collaboration between CVO and CC Strombeek

  • CVO Strombeek Grimbergen belongs, along with CC (cultural center) Strombeek, to the nonprofit organization Cultuurcentrum Strombeek.
  • Once a year, our students can attend, with their class group, a performance at the CC for free.
  • Through the CC, our students Dutch get in touch with the living culture in our language region.

A know-how of many years and a great variety on offer.

  • CVO Strombeek Grimbergen has an expertise of more than 40 years in the education of foreign languages and of NT2, Dutch as foreign language.
  • Thanks to our extended offer of NT2 courses, we participate for a great deal in the integration in Grimbergen of new inhabitants who do not master our language sufficiently enough, along with the help of other partners such as de Huizen van het Nederlands.
  • We extend our offer with new language courses if there is  sufficient demand.
  • In addition to our extended offer of long-term courses, we also offer short-term courses.